Find of the Day – Bricklin SV-1

A true Canadian car, here is a pristine Bricklin SV-1 (which stood for safety vehicle-one) for sale. Less than 3,000 of these cars were built in the mid-1970s and were unique in many ways.

Despite the wedge supercar profile, the SV-1 is actually a front-engine, rear-wheel drive car. One of two V8 engines were stuffed up front depending on the year. This is a 1974 model so it has the more powerful 360 cu. in. engine supplied by AMC.

The car’s claim to fame was the fully automated gullwing doors. Prone to constant breakdowns, the fact the car for sale here has them in working condition is commendable.

I’m not an expert in Bricklins, and maybe it is the Canadian in me, but for $18,000 this seems like a reasonable way to own a very rare, head-turning classic in great shape.

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