Winged Car Wednesday – Chaparral 2H

Not all race car designs are a success; some are utter failures. Take the Chaparral 2H. After achieving great success with cars like the 2E, 2F and 2G, it was decided an entirely new car would be created with the 2H. The goal was to make a low slung, narrow car that had minimal drag for excellent top speed.

The car was a great success in this regard, achieving high velocity on the straight-away. Unfortunately, this also resulted in poor cornering speed due to a lack of down-force. Never one to be subtle, after a few aero tweaks that still didn’t make the car competitive, Chaparral went all in. A large shovel nose and rear spoiler were affixed to the car. Not finished there, the pièces de résistance was a massive aerofoil placed mid-ship, bolted to the sides of the car.

This all resulted in only making the car even slower.

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