Fox Body ‘Stangs Featured in Music Videos

Welcome to another post diving deep into the relationship between cars and music videos. This week, instead of focusing on a single music video, we are focusing on a single car – the Ford Mustang. To be exact, we are focusing on the Fox Body era of the Ford Mustang.

Being around during the boom of MTV, the squared-off Mustang has been the star of many a music video over the years and even made a few surprise cameos. It must be the allure of that 4.9 5.0 liter V8. Below we have listed no fewer than 13 videos the Mustang appeared in. I’m sure we missed a few. Click on the song titles to see the car’s appearance in each video.

The Obvious

To start, there is no more obvious choice than Vanilla Ice. The Detroit rapper loves the Mustang – specifically the 5.0. He wrote an entire song about his Mustang title Rollin in my 5.0 as well as mentioning it prominently in his huge hit Ice Ice Baby.

But Vanilla Ice did not corner the market on Fox Body Mustangs in rap/hip-hop music videos. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis had a fairly popular song titled Downtown that had two quick cameos from a Mustang – the first of which was alongside a Subaru Brat! Drake also featured a Mustang 5.0 in his car-heavy video for Worst Behavior. But that was in the original 10+ minute of the video which is near impossible to find online.  


Like Vanilla Ice, Aerosmith seem to be big fans of the Fox Body Mustang. It was the star car of the road-trip video Crazy, featuring Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler. The car also made an appearance in the band’s video for Living on the Edge, although that car suffers a hockey stick through the driver-side window.

Another rock and roll juggernaut to feature the ‘Stang was U2 for their video of Stuck in a Moment. It is a brief scene, but the Mustang is there. One more huge band had the Mustang 5.0 drop in for a starring role, Deep Purple with the band’s video for the song Hush.

Not Just the Men

It’s not just male musicians who have a soft spot for the Fox Body, female artists have also featured the car in their music videos. Fergie can be seen driving around in one in Glamorous, which also receives a shoutout in the song itself. Not to be outdone, Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea feature a bit of throwback footage in Pretty Girls that includes a convertible Fox Body Mustang.   

But the car seems to appeal not just to both sexes, but also all genres of music. Look at the three songs collected below. We have Billy Ray Cyrus including a brief shot of one in his drag-race heavy video for Real Gone, Chromeo drives one around in Jealous, and  Daddy Yankee starts off their video for Gasoline with a big smoky Mustang burnout.

But Wait…

And then there is Lana Del Ray with her song White Mustang. The music video features a lot of driving scenes so of course the obvious choice of automobile is a…Studebaker Avanti? Alright, didn’t see that one coming. I mean, it’s a cool car, but the song title’s is…ah, never mind.

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