To Find The Greatest Pontiac – Elimination Challenge

For over 80 years Pontiac was a huge player in the North American automobile landscape. Always doing things a little bit flashier than most of the brand’s contemporaries, Pontiac made some fantastic cars in the company’s long history. But which one was the best?

That is what we are going to try and determine here in the most unscientific way possible – through a popularity contest. Those that follow me on twitter may remember the series of vehicle elimination challenges during the spring that determined the best car of the 1980s (Porsche 944 Turbo S), the 1990s (Acura NSX) and then the 2000s (C6 Corvette Z06).

Well, now it is time to determine the ultimate Pontiac through a series of online elimination polls that will eventually crown a winner. Below I have posted the 72 competitors which cover all eras of Pontiacs from the late 1950s until the brand’s demise. I have tried to represent every model line during that time period and most generations.

The first two rounds will involve 3 cars competing head to head to head with the car that garners the most votes in the poll moving on. The final three rounds will consist of just two cars in head to head battles. The reason(s) you pick one car as the winner for each poll is entirely up to you. There are no preset criteria. Each poll will run for 24 hours.

So have fun and keep checking back each day for the latest winners and the current crop of Pontiac’s that are competing.

Day One

So let’s begin. Below are the first three groups for you to vote on. Enjoy!

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