Friday Fun – ’80s Reasonable Garage

Welcome to a new feature we are trying out on – Friday Fun. Ok, calling it a feature may be a stretch as it is really a catch all for anything fun that we will post on a Friday. It could be a fantasy garage, video game challenge, used car scavenger hunt, etc.

This week we will start things off with a fantasy challenge. Picture this. It is the 1980s and you own a stunning two car garage. Your dream is to fill it with any two reasonable cars you can think of, but they must follow the stipulations below:

  • Two vehicles only
  • Must be from the 1980s
  • One is for summer, one is for winter
  • Can only have a total 220 hp between the two vehicles

What are you going to pick?

My Picks

Well, with such a low power limit, I’m going to need something lightweight for my sports car. Guess I’ll grab a 1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged. It’s 145 hp leaves me 75 hp to play with, plenty to find a nice winter ride.

I’ll of course want all-wheel drive to tackle the worst a southern Ontario winter has to offer, and I wouldn’t mind a bit of utility as well. Something that can carry multiple people, or a load of lumber, or just the weekly groceries. It sounds like a 73 hp 1983 Subaru BRAT with a manual transmission will fit my needs perfectly. I even have 2 hp to spare. Maybe I’ll throw an obnoxious exhaust on the BRAT.

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