Winged Car Wednesday – 1998 Dodge Viper GT2 (GTS-R)

In 1997 Dodge decided the brand should take the Viper to Le Mans, so it set out to create the legendary Viper GTS-R. As part of the process to take it racing, Dodge need to create a road going version of the Viper for homologation purposes.

Enter the GT2.

Yes, the GT2. That is the official name for the special edition that was used for the basis of the Viper GTS-R racecar. But, since the car was plastered in GTS-R badging on every available surface, it just became known as the GTS-R (which was really the name of the racecar, not the GT2 road car. Confused yet?)

Regardless of what one calls this car, it came with several performance upgrades, including an aero package featuring that fully functional, large rear wing.

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