Friday Fun – Coast to Coast Drive

Welcome back to our new feature we are trying out on – Friday Fun. Ok, calling it a feature is a stretch, as it is really a catch-all for anything fun that we will post on a Friday. It could be a fantasy garage, video game challenge, used car scavenger hunt, etc.

This week we are putting forth just a simple question. What would be your vehicle of choice for a cross country trip? It would start in the northeast of Maine and end in San Diego, California, but there are two catches:

  • You can’t drive on any interstates along the trip
  • You can only leave the vehicle for washroom breaks

Yes, that means if you want to eat or sleep along the way, it must be done inside the vehicle. So maybe a NA MX-5 Miata wouldn’t be the best decision here. But it is completely up to you. So, tell me, what would you pick for a cross country, back-road drive?

My Pick

The choices are endless. To narrow It down, my criteria is something I can sleep in, is comfortable on a long drive, and is still fun do whip around twisty roads. This would include a lot of incredible machinery like the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S, the Audi RS6 Avant, and the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon. But if I am doing this drive on my own dime, I also don’t want it to break the bank in fuel costs (or inevitably have me end up in jail for tripling the speed limit).

That brings me to my choice, a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon. Yes, how predictable, I picked a Subaru. But with the seats folded down, I could stretch out comfortably to sleep at night. The 250 hp turbocharged engine and five-speed manual transmission are a good compromise between performance and efficiency, and the all-wheel drive system is there in case I really head off on some back roads.

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