Canadian Thanksgiving Special – Thankful for Ridiculous Motorsport Competitions

We’ve all seen demolition derbies and figure eight racing before, right? Usually, it’s big old American iron smashing it out on a tight course. Or more recently due to economics and availability, front-wheel drive compacts have become a favourite for the sport.

But what if a handful of Japanese and German luxury cars went wreck ’em racing? That is exactly what I stumbled upon recently. Thanks to Low Budget TV Productions (LBTV), I got to witness this Jalopy Figure 8 race from the 2018 Orange County Fair in California.

I wouldn’t exactly use the term Jalopy to describe the vehicles used in this race, or maybe that’s the joke. Just look at this field of cars spinning around in a tight dirt oval. There are two generations of Lexus GS300, multiple old Mercedes and both an Audi A6 and A4 Avant.

At one point, in the first heat, the race descends into an all out derby around the three and a half minute mark. Whatever this is, I love it. Enjoy the video below.

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