Find of the Day – 1979 Avanti II Electric Car Conversion

Is it an Avanti II? Or is it a Nissan Leaf? The answer is yes. What we have here is a 1979 Avanti II that has been converted to a full electric vehicle thanks to a Nissan Leaf donor car. Honestly, it is more of a Nissan Leaf wearing an Avanti II body, but that’s not what’s important.

What is important is that the classic lines of the 1979 Avanti II shown here now houses the most modern of powerplants – an all-electric motor. Power is sent through the front-wheels; a departure from Avanti’s rear-wheel drive roots. Pricing for the car is a bit steep, but it’s about as unique as motorized transportation gets.

One thought on “Find of the Day – 1979 Avanti II Electric Car Conversion

  1. Would love to know more about this car. Many will complain but I think it might be a way to have a non Studebaker classic on the road.


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