AutoLobotomy Wants To Know – What Needs to Return?

Picture for a moment that you are Snap!  Imagine that you have, indeed, got the power. The power to bring back any car and/or segment from the past. Anything you want, will be here once again.

Is there a vehicle that was ahead of its time and deserves another shot? Was there a style that was just so iconic, it should still be here today? Was there an entire segment that was just misunderstood? Let me know what you would pick!

My Choice – Return of the Two-Seat Commuter

In the early ‘80s, there was a sudden influx of small two-seat coupes. Instead of being positioned as sports cars, they were marketed towards those who had to commute sizeable distances to work. They were sensible and fuel efficient, while still being fun to drive. The Ford EXP, Honda CR-X, Pontiac Fiero, and Toyota MR2 were among the big players in this segment.

But overtime, due to a variety of factors, one-by-one they began to disappear. Today there is nothing left of this fun, affordable commuter class. But what if it got a modern revival? Image a fleet of small, affordable two-seat cars with torquey electric motors, impressive range, and decent responses?  Sign me up!

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