Friday Fun – Three Car Defunct Dream Garage

Today’s task is simple. We’re going to rewind things back a bit and once again assemble a three-vehicle fantasy garage of your choosing, while following these two simple rules:

  • All vehicles must be from defunct manufacturers no longer producing automobiles.
  • You cannot select the same manufacturer twice.

My Choices
1970 Plymouth Superbird

I’ve always had a soft-spot for these massive-winged monsters. Make mine with the HEMI 426 even if the 440 was the better racing engine. I want the full nostalgia.

2006 Mosler MT900S

Mosler made some of the ugliest supercars in history, but this is not one of them. Sleek and gorgeous, the MT900S could be had with a supercharged LS7 making over 600 hp.

1995 Tommykaira ZZ-S

Now that I have my classic muscle car and modern supercar, it’s time to round out my list with a track toy. For that I am heading to Japan to find one of the few elusive Tommykaira ZZ-S cars that were produced.

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