Irrational Love – Triumph TR8

This is one that will divide the internet; my love for the Triumph TR8. Many people loathe this little wedge-shaped coupe, but I think its cool. Maybe it is my love for cars so ugly they’re endearing, or maybe it’s the concept of stuffing a V8 engine into a small British car. Either way, IContinue reading “Irrational Love – Triumph TR8”

Find of the Day – 1970 Volkswagen Concept

I don’t really have much to say about this other than what the ad includes. It was apparently a 1970 VW concept design to show what Volkswagen would look like in the year 2000. It is funky for sure. There also appears to be some wicked other concepts in storage with it. Click here toContinue reading “Find of the Day – 1970 Volkswagen Concept”

Irrational Love – Subaru BRAT

Why do we all love the Subaru BRAT so much? It’s because of the seats, right? Or was there more to it? On the surface, the two generations of BRAT were rather unremarkable. Short for Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter, the Subaru BRAT was just another compact pickup truck to hail from Japan in the lateContinue reading “Irrational Love – Subaru BRAT”