Irrational Love – Wagon Racecars

Warning – another automotive nerd is about to go on a diatribe about the coolness of station wagons. Yes, this tired cliché is about to get one more installment. So then, please finish rolling your eyes and let’s get on with it. Long before the Minivan, SUV or Crossover, it was Station Wagons that ruledContinue reading “Irrational Love – Wagon Racecars”

Underrated – Need For Speed ProStreet

By 2008, the Tuner scene was growing up. Although it had only been seven years since the original The Fast and the Furious hit theatres and five years since the original Need for Speed Underground was released, things were changing. People were no longer cosplaying the illegal street racing lifestyle and were getting more andContinue reading “Underrated – Need For Speed ProStreet”

Confessions: The Time I Broke Someone’s Shifter

Car forums are were a wonderful place. It was a meeting place for people from all walks of life to discuss their passion. I was apart of some of the best online car communities (and a few of the worst). But mostly, my experiences were positive, especially in the online car forum early years. MyContinue reading “Confessions: The Time I Broke Someone’s Shifter”