Friday Fun – Dream LS Swap

After an unspecified hiatus, Friday Fun is back. This week your task is simple; what would be your dream LS engine swap. The sky is the limit. There are no ceilings on cost or mechanical know how. Just simple pick a vehicle and insert LS engine. For me, I want to pay homage to theContinue reading “Friday Fun – Dream LS Swap”

Friday Fun – Classic Car EV Conversion

Today’s Friday Fun is all about mixing old with new. Our question is, what classic car would you love to transform into a modern EV restro-rod. Yes, take out that old, unreliable anchor of an engine and replace it with a torque-filled electric motor. Anything goes; the sky is the limit. For me, I wouldContinue reading “Friday Fun – Classic Car EV Conversion”

Friday Fun – Coast to Coast Drive

Welcome back to our new feature we are trying out on – Friday Fun. Ok, calling it a feature is a stretch, as it is really a catch-all for anything fun that we will post on a Friday. It could be a fantasy garage, video game challenge, used car scavenger hunt, etc. This weekContinue reading “Friday Fun – Coast to Coast Drive”