Britney’s Music Video Stuffed with ’80s Cars

This edition of music videos and cars is a bit outside of my wheelhouse. I had not heard of this song or viewed the music video until I was conducting research for the Fox Body ‘Stangs Featured in Music Videos article. That is when I stumbled on this retro-inspired video for Pretty Girls by BritneyContinue reading “Britney’s Music Video Stuffed with ’80s Cars”

Confessions – That Time I Got a Jeep Stuck at Mosport

It was time for my yearly pilgrimage to Mosport (Canadian Tire Motorsports Park). It was time for a long weekend of cars, drinks, and good times. I was still away at university and would need to rent a vehicle to make the trek across the province. Having scratched driving on a racetrack off my bucketContinue reading “Confessions – That Time I Got a Jeep Stuck at Mosport”