Depeche Mode’s Love for ’50s Automobiles

Weird car twitter is an interesting place. It is a bunch of women and men spending their days fawning over 30–40-year-old cars. The more obscure the car, the better; a virtual love-in for vehicles from their youth. But weird car love did not start with twitter; it has always existed. There was this band youContinue reading “Depeche Mode’s Love for ’50s Automobiles”

Fox Body ‘Stangs Featured in Music Videos

Welcome to another post diving deep into the relationship between cars and music videos. This week, instead of focusing on a single music video, we are focusing on a single car – the Ford Mustang. To be exact, we are focusing on the Fox Body era of the Ford Mustang. Being around during the boomContinue reading “Fox Body ‘Stangs Featured in Music Videos”

Music Video Breakdown: Modjo – Lady

Sometimes a song’s music video can have unintended consequences, as is the case with Modjo’s hit single Lady. Released in 2000, the song reached number one in the UK, the top 10 in Canada and the Billboard hot 100 in America. But chart success didn’t matter much as this song’s true calling was that ofContinue reading “Music Video Breakdown: Modjo – Lady”