Britney’s Music Video Stuffed with ’80s Cars

This edition of music videos and cars is a bit outside of my wheelhouse. I had not heard of this song or viewed the music video until I was conducting research for the Fox Body ‘Stangs Featured in Music Videos article. That is when I stumbled on this retro-inspired video for Pretty Girls by BritneyContinue reading “Britney’s Music Video Stuffed with ’80s Cars”

Fox Body ‘Stangs Featured in Music Videos

Welcome to another post diving deep into the relationship between cars and music videos. This week, instead of focusing on a single music video, we are focusing on a single car – the Ford Mustang. To be exact, we are focusing on the Fox Body era of the Ford Mustang. Being around during the boomContinue reading “Fox Body ‘Stangs Featured in Music Videos”

Graded – Mercury Cougar

Welcome to Graded. Here we discuss legendary marques, models, or trim packages and affix a letter grade to a selection of vehicles falling under that topic. The grades mean nothing and are completely arbitrary. I fully encourage you to tell me what I got wrong and how you would grade them instead. Have some funContinue reading “Graded – Mercury Cougar”