Destruction Derby – Almost There

By the mid-1990s video games were coming into their own. Nearly every genre was covered by this point, subdivided in countless sub-sections. This was especially true with racing games. Real racing simulations, cars with weapons attacking one another, arcade spectaculars and nearly every form of racing in-between – it had (mostly) all been covered.  Continue reading “Destruction Derby – Almost There”

Out Classed: Car and Driver Presents Grand Tour Racing ’98

Car and Driver Presents: Grand Touring Racing ’98 is a title that was way too long and most have probably already forgotten about. Outside of North America it was simply called Total Drivin’, but we got that impossibly long title due to a sponsorship deal agreed upon by Activision and of course Car and DriverContinue reading “Out Classed: Car and Driver Presents Grand Tour Racing ’98”

Test Drive 5 – That Intro Though

One cannot merely start playing Test Drive 5; they need to be prepared. Prepared for the audio and visual onslaught about to commence. Not from the game itself, but rather from the fervid introductory video. One and a half minutes of loud guitars, quick cuts, and automotive glory bombard the screen. Screaming engines and squealingContinue reading “Test Drive 5 – That Intro Though”

Growing Up Gran Turismo – Part One

We had a good system going. A friend of mine up the street had a newly acquired CD burner and I had a modified PlayStation One, capable of playing copied games. As long as I rented the games from our local Blockbuster, he would make us each a copy of the game. One day IContinue reading “Growing Up Gran Turismo – Part One”