Any Car Can Be Fun

Not all cars are created equal. Some excel at hauling people and cargo, while others put comfort as the top priority. My favourite cars are the ones that excel in driver engagement. But the honest truth is, any car can be fun. It’s about the driver and situation more than it has ever about theContinue reading “Any Car Can Be Fun”

Wrenches and Fences – Episode Two

The people and stories depicted in this series are purely fiction. Any resemblance to real life people or situations is not intended, I swear. Catch Up on Everything from Episode One Here Every epic road trip needs a soundtrack. Jules had this covered. He’d brought his prized eight-cassette carrying case. Things began with Canadian greatContinue reading “Wrenches and Fences – Episode Two”

Father’s Day Special – The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had Driving

A lot of people ask me what my favourite car is. It’s a loaded question that I used try to qualify and explain. Now I usually just blurt out whatever automotive device currently has my eye. But you know what no one ever asks me. What is the most fun I have ever had behindContinue reading “Father’s Day Special – The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had Driving”