Find of the Day – RX-8 Mini Monster Truck

Well, here something completely different. A Mazda RX-8 body stuffed on top of a 1981 Datsun pickup truck frame. Power comes from 302 cu. in. V8 and runs through a 4.11 Dodge rear end. All of the lights, windows and even sunroof apparently work, but the vehicle’s brakes are shot, so stopping it isn’t muchContinue reading “Find of the Day – RX-8 Mini Monster Truck”

Mazda RX-8 – Love/Hate Relationship

We had a torrid affair. It started from the day we met right up until the day we departed. A real rollercoaster ride over an 18-month period, with the highest of highs and the lowest and lows. This is the story of me and my 2004 Mazda RX-8. It all began in the late summerContinue reading “Mazda RX-8 – Love/Hate Relationship”