Pontiac Elimination Challenge – Day Four

Hello and welcome back to day four of the Pontiac Elimination challenge. Thank you once again for your continued votes. I really appreciate those returning each day to select their favourites. Now on to yesterday’s winners. Day Three Winners The Day Three results involved no real surprises as the 1967 GTO and 1997 LT4 FirehawkContinue reading “Pontiac Elimination Challenge – Day Four”

Pontiac Elimination Challenge – Day Two

Hello and welcome back to day two of the Pontiac Elimination challenge. First off, I’d like to thank everyone who participated yesterday. I was hoping for a bit of response to this challenge and was overwhelmed with how many people actually voted. Thanks once again. Day One Winners Now on to the Day One results.Continue reading “Pontiac Elimination Challenge – Day Two”

To Find The Greatest Pontiac – Elimination Challenge

For over 80 years Pontiac was a huge player in the North American automobile landscape. Always doing things a little bit flashier than most of the brand’s contemporaries, Pontiac made some fantastic cars in the company’s long history. But which one was the best? That is what we are going to try and determine hereContinue reading “To Find The Greatest Pontiac – Elimination Challenge”