Winged Car Wednesday: Ferrari F40

What could I possibly say about this car that hasn’t already been said? The F40 is a Godfather of supercars. An ultimate expression of performance at all costs. The 2.9-liter turbocharged V8 redefining what a street-legal car was capable of. Then entire car was sculpted to maximize engine cooling and downforce, accentuated by the tall,Continue reading “Winged Car Wednesday: Ferrari F40”

Winged Car Wednesday – Koenigsegg Agera One:1

When a car weighs less than 3,000 lbs, but has over 1,300 hp, a massive wing is needed to help keep the rear-end planted; especially when surpassing speeds of 275 mph. And that is exactly what the ridiculous Koenigsegg Agera One:1 has – a giant rear wing. A nicely sculpted, very functional piece of engineering,Continue reading “Winged Car Wednesday – Koenigsegg Agera One:1”

Winged Car Wednesday – Noble M12

Last week we featured the Vector M12 for Winged Car Wednesday, so it is only fitting to feature the other big-winged M12 this week; the Noble M12. Built in South Africa, the M12 was a lightweight supercar available from 2000 to 2008. During its lifetime, the Noble was available in many different configurations, but twoContinue reading “Winged Car Wednesday – Noble M12”

Winged Car Wednesday – Lamborghini Countach

We are back this week for Winged Car Wednesday with an absolute legend. Although it had been around since the 1970s, nearly ever child had a poster of this car on their wall, or wanted one, in the mid-1980s. A starring role in the hit movie Cannonball Run only helped further the legend. Not onlyContinue reading “Winged Car Wednesday – Lamborghini Countach”

Winged Car Wednesday – Venturi 400 GT

Who remembers the Venturi 400 GT? Produced in very limited numbers during the early 1990s, the 400 was both a race car and slightly tamed-down road car. Power came from a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine that made a stout 400 hp. Other go fast bits included carbon ceramic brakes and a low curb weight aroundContinue reading “Winged Car Wednesday – Venturi 400 GT”

Find of the Day – The Last Pantera GT5-S?

The De Tomaso Pantera had a long run as a supercar. Although it evolved into different forms over the year, the car basically lasted form 1971 until 1992. One of the iterations along the way was the Pantera GT5-S. As seen here, it featured aggressive aerodynamic body work and massive rear tires to put everyoneContinue reading “Find of the Day – The Last Pantera GT5-S?”

Find of the Day – Bricklin SV-1

A true Canadian car, here is a pristine Bricklin SV-1 (which stood for safety vehicle-one) for sale. Less than 3,000 of these cars were built in the mid-1970s and were unique in many ways. Despite the wedge supercar profile, the SV-1 is actually a front-engine, rear-wheel drive car. One of two V8 engines were stuffedContinue reading “Find of the Day – Bricklin SV-1”

Choices: Oddball ’90s Supercars

Welcome back to Choices. An evolution of a series I wrote years ago where seemingly similar cars are pit against one another in a battle for your affection. It’s like trying to choose your favourite child (although some days that’s easier than others). Your task, if you agree to accept it, is to determine whichContinue reading “Choices: Oddball ’90s Supercars”