Pontiac Elimination Challenge – Day Five

Hello and welcome back to day five of the Pontiac Elimination challenge. Thank you once again for your continued votes. Without any votes this challenge wouldn’t work. Now on to yesterday’s winners. Day Four Winners The day four results involved the 1997 Grand Prix GTP, 1988 Fiero Formula and 2002 Firebird Trans Am WS6 Collector’sContinue reading “Pontiac Elimination Challenge – Day Five”

Music Video Breakdown: Modjo – Lady

Sometimes a song’s music video can have unintended consequences, as is the case with Modjo’s hit single Lady. Released in 2000, the song reached number one in the UK, the top 10 in Canada and the Billboard hot 100 in America. But chart success didn’t matter much as this song’s true calling was that ofContinue reading “Music Video Breakdown: Modjo – Lady”